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Wendron Forge 1972

Wheal Roots underground Mine Workings, Bronze Age Monument & Gardens.


The Trenear Mortar Outcrop is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It is unique being the only such monument in the entire South West of England.

Formed from a living granite outcrop some 290 million years old. The granite here is the oldest in Cornwall being some 20 million years earlier than the remainder and is part of the Carnmenellis Pluton.

This Monument Stone serves to confirm the great antiquity and national importance of the location. We call this our TIN HENGE which is attributed to the later Bronze Age.

The unusual monument sits in a landscaped exclusion zone which is fitting to its global significance. This was completed at the end of the 2019 summer season. Two large granite boundary stones have been found and are placed nearby. These are both engraved with the letter T which is the mark for the former Trevalis Estate of the Hocking family former owners of the Tin Stamps until 1883.

The massive granite stones acting as seats together with the many granite stones now surrounding the monument are all from East Wheal Bassett Engine & boiler House which were kindly given to the museum in 2017.

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